Logging in to NETiD - Existing account



This article will assist you when logging in to NETiD.


  • Your NETiD username and password


1. Go to the NETiD login screen at https://netid.csnsw.catholic.edu.au


2. Enter your username and password or use the appropriate “Sign in with” button; “… Google” if you use G Suite for your email, or “… Microsoft” if you use Office 365/Outlook for your email.

Note: Our plan is to move to single sign-on as being the only sign-on option in the future, so if you haven’t already, follow the instructions on this page to complete the linking process:


3. If you need to use a username and password, you’ll then need to click the LOG IN button.

The landing page shows what applications you currently have access to. If you have access to multiple organisations, the applications may differ from organisation to organisation, depending on what your Principal has provisioned you access to.

4. Use the Organisation drop-down list at the top of the page to toggle between schools.

Only applications applicable to the selected organisation will be shown to you.

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