How to add new organization to your existing Net ID account


This article will list the steps to guide you in adding an Organization to your existing NetID account.


  • Your NetID login details (Sign in to your existing NET ID account using Google, Microsoft or Username and password


  1. Select the My Details tab

2. Select Organizational Details

3. Click on Add Organization

4. Fill in the form (select the right Diocese, School/Organization) and SAVE



You r Application will be on hold at the new organization until the Principal/ Super User (from the new organization) accepts your request to join their organization. Once Approved, you can log in to your account and should be able to access the requested organization.


You may be entering this information in anticipation of a move. If this is the case: enter the date you commence at the new organisation. If it is an Acting Position, enter the date range.

If you need assistance with this, please contact your Principal or Diocesan Officer (their contact details can be found in

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