Edit My Details


This page is useful when needing to edit your Personal Details and/or your Organisational Details.


  • Your NETiD login details


  1. Login to NETID at https://netid.csnsw.catholic.edu.au

  2. Go to the My Details tab

3. Click on the Personal Details tab

Some account details that are displayed that cannot be edited: a. type of account b. Status – either active/inactive.

4. Click on Edit if you wish to change any of your contact details

5. When finished editing, click Save

6. To edit Organisational Details, click on the tab Organisational Details:

7. Click on Edit, next to the Organisation you’d like to edit, and update accordingly

8. Click Save

9. To add an Organisation, click on Add Organisation (this is when you’ve moved/changed or started at a new Organisation)

10. Add details as necessary.

11. Click Save.

To change your password, please refer to “Forgotten Password”

If you need assistance, please contact your Principal or Diocesan Officer (their contact details can be found in https://csnsw.atlassian.net/l/c/7Cpucbty).

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