Vocational Education

General information about the process of applications within Vocational Education.


Teachers apply for a Vocational Education training course.

It goes to RTO Manager.

After their approval, it goes back to the Teacher.

Then it goes to the Principal, to approve.

Then to CSNSW to be approved.

Notes to be considered

The Principal of the applicant’s Organisation, must be labelled as a Principal in their Organisational Details, or it won’t recognise them as the authoriser.

Diocesan Officers need to educate Principals on how to

  • add Vocational Education to their NETiD.

  • see and approve applications for Vocational Education

  • register the Principal as the Principal in Educational Facilities

Some of the applicants are Teachers who work at the Diocesan Office, so do not have a Principal.

*Ged Delany is the Product Owner.

*Belinda is quite familiar with the product also.