Accessing the School & System Leaders COVID-19 Response portal

Here are some quick steps for accessing the portal:

  1. The portal is located at, start by opening this in your web browser.

  2. If you’re not logged in you will see the following login screen - select either Continue with Google (if you use G Suite for your email) or Continue with Microsoft (if you use Office 365/Outlook for your email).

If you are having trouble accessing the portal please contact Schools & Diocese Service Desk by emailing or visiting to submit a request.

When I try to access the COVID-19 Response portal I receive the error “You’ve stumbled on a restricted space”. What do I do?

If are you are receiving the error message “You’ve stumbled on a restricted space” that generally means you are not logged in to the portal.

There are two ways to solve this:

  1. Always access the portal using the URL above ( and make sure any bookmarks etc use this address.

  2. Click on the Log In icon on the top right-hand corner for the error page (shown below) and follow the instructions above.